Monday, September 14, 2009

Bershka goes SG!

For those who don’t know, or have pitiably forgotten what this is, Bershka is a Spanish Brand [Co-owner of ZARA] that has a LOT of GREAT stuff. (Did I say GREAT?) You can find rock, preppy, relaxed, urban clothing over there. Now it’s here in SG! You can find this in ION, the newest and luxurious mall in town, located at the heart of Orchard.

Last night, I had a fine chance to check it out and to my surprise, the prices are reasonable! I was able to grab this gorgeous denim vest which I’ve been hunting for since God-knows-when. And guess what? It's only S$49.90 (PHP 1,600.00) I am planning to use it w/ my floral / girly tube dresses!

Too bad, I totally forgot to take photos of the store itself as I got caught up trying on their stuff. You know me, you can’t disturb me while I shop!

Check out what I got:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It's been a while since I last shopped. You can see I've just been spending time at home iphone-ing [if there's such thing]. I couldn't get past my obsession with the tulip-slash-lantern skirts! I want [actually, it’s more like a “need”] one! I’ve been rummaging the stores lately and seems like I’m not lucky enough to find one. I’ll try my luck this Saturday. Let’s see what I may be able to get… =)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Lemi see... Lemi Try.

black tulip skirt - i have
white tee - i have

Ooh Moss'nly hot!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vuitton vs Gucci

I want a Vuitton Speedy 40...

...or this Gucci Boston Joy [Medium]

Or this gold-ish Gucci boston Joy.

Lovely! I want the biggie one!


I am reiterating my "need" to get a perfect black cardigan preferrably one with puffy sleeves. 

Longsleeves or short sleeves? I duno, any will do.

Just perfect, I like!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hudgens' stylin'

This is more like me, plaid, dark, peeptoes.

Like the sweetness of the outfit plus how the babydoll shoes plays the outfit.

The maxi, looks great on her. despite her not so high height. :)

I like her simplicity here. Yet a very gorgeous get up.

She's wearing the Chinese Laundry Sudoku Flats [looks cute eh?]

Friday, January 30, 2009


Here is my "need" list [reiterating the word NEED] because need is not necessarily a want. So it is not luxe.
I need these, so I need to learn to prioritize. I swear I can be very impulsive. Perhaps I will save this in my mobile to take a look once in a while. :-)

1. a perfect skinny dark jeans for my built. i am petite. I need something lowrise and not-so-skinny. I need it dark. Like this dark: [what do you think?]

rachel looks so casual but i love the jeans + white tank
here rachel looks so relaxed w/ her outfit [plus her skinnies rock big time]
*i like rachel's petite bod. i can totally relate

2. I need a perfect gold flats. Studded can be cute. SOmething that i can wear with my shorts outfit or my jeans. Dresses too!

3. A structured shirtdress. Maybe something w/ ruffles or something that has a big structured style on the collar area. Something NOT tight fitting so that I can use my uber cute [but still lacking more varieties] BELTS with it.

4. Red / Hot pink Leather belt [prefer skinny] something croc skin or snake skin will do.

5. a perfect black cardigan

6. A branded black thick waist belt


It's not that I love-love Blake, I mean there are a LOT of other celebs out there who are just as stylish, I just certainly love her style. You see she doesn't look TOO polished at all, unlike victoria. I like how blake appears like she didnt think about her outfit at all but looks so pulled together! [isn't that nice?]
Her style can go street-nice to beach-lovin'. She can walk in her flats and still look classy. [oh well who doesn't like flats?]

here she was wearing a long strapless U-ring dress paired w/gold bejewelled flats and an up-do "i don't give a damn" hair. This is the beach classy style that I like.

Sorry ladies
for the blurry photo but this by far one of my fave [seen in GG] she was wearing a Chanel belt.

For a better view of her gorj dress here you go:
Vena Cava Honeycomb Dress

Her upper eastside style. Floaty top, skinnies and black leather boots.
A yellow dress that doesn't look cheesy at all! Paired w/ gold chain necklace [i saw one in chanel] and matte gold pumps. Perfect!
she does it again... hello beach - street sexy! woot!
love the everyday look. gray and black plus her flats.
gorgeous w/ a chanel and a short fringe dress
definitely a stunner. Cute dress-top.
love the easy-breezy look. And she's wearing havaianas!!

In the mood for a shirt dress

I am in the mood for shirt dresses. Makes you look so laid back and sexy at the same time! [am i right or what?]
I like pinstripes, all-white, all-black, dark expensive gray, and uhm-well i also like plaid [it's the most laidback look]

forever21 plaid shirtdress

The classy! love it
blake does the shirtie - and it looks great w/ black pumps!