Friday, January 30, 2009


Here is my "need" list [reiterating the word NEED] because need is not necessarily a want. So it is not luxe.
I need these, so I need to learn to prioritize. I swear I can be very impulsive. Perhaps I will save this in my mobile to take a look once in a while. :-)

1. a perfect skinny dark jeans for my built. i am petite. I need something lowrise and not-so-skinny. I need it dark. Like this dark: [what do you think?]

rachel looks so casual but i love the jeans + white tank
here rachel looks so relaxed w/ her outfit [plus her skinnies rock big time]
*i like rachel's petite bod. i can totally relate

2. I need a perfect gold flats. Studded can be cute. SOmething that i can wear with my shorts outfit or my jeans. Dresses too!

3. A structured shirtdress. Maybe something w/ ruffles or something that has a big structured style on the collar area. Something NOT tight fitting so that I can use my uber cute [but still lacking more varieties] BELTS with it.

4. Red / Hot pink Leather belt [prefer skinny] something croc skin or snake skin will do.

5. a perfect black cardigan

6. A branded black thick waist belt


It's not that I love-love Blake, I mean there are a LOT of other celebs out there who are just as stylish, I just certainly love her style. You see she doesn't look TOO polished at all, unlike victoria. I like how blake appears like she didnt think about her outfit at all but looks so pulled together! [isn't that nice?]
Her style can go street-nice to beach-lovin'. She can walk in her flats and still look classy. [oh well who doesn't like flats?]

here she was wearing a long strapless U-ring dress paired w/gold bejewelled flats and an up-do "i don't give a damn" hair. This is the beach classy style that I like.

Sorry ladies
for the blurry photo but this by far one of my fave [seen in GG] she was wearing a Chanel belt.

For a better view of her gorj dress here you go:
Vena Cava Honeycomb Dress

Her upper eastside style. Floaty top, skinnies and black leather boots.
A yellow dress that doesn't look cheesy at all! Paired w/ gold chain necklace [i saw one in chanel] and matte gold pumps. Perfect!
she does it again... hello beach - street sexy! woot!
love the everyday look. gray and black plus her flats.
gorgeous w/ a chanel and a short fringe dress
definitely a stunner. Cute dress-top.
love the easy-breezy look. And she's wearing havaianas!!

In the mood for a shirt dress

I am in the mood for shirt dresses. Makes you look so laid back and sexy at the same time! [am i right or what?]
I like pinstripes, all-white, all-black, dark expensive gray, and uhm-well i also like plaid [it's the most laidback look]

forever21 plaid shirtdress

The classy! love it
blake does the shirtie - and it looks great w/ black pumps!

Oh so black, and FLAT

Don't think that I am going to blog about Pink-blah-pink-bleh
Nah... I love other colors too. I love variety. And ofcourse nothing can beat the classiness of BLACK. Which is equally classy as the WHITE. But black is still a better choice esp considering the longetivity when it comes to clothes and bags...

Infact right now I want to buy [and i have been itching to] a nice and comfy paif or black ballet flats. Oh! the classic black flats. You can easily pair it with shorts, skirts, couture dresses [tone them down baby] and the slimfit jeans.

I saw some cute ones in topshop. Prolly that's the best out there. And it isn't too expensive. It costs around 60$ Not bad, what do you think?

Although I still have this argument in my head, if I should get a plain - like really really PLAIN black? Or the ones w/ interesting details? Kill me now, I really want one.

Blake in her ultra comfy looking black flats! To die for...

Vogue classy... proves that flats can go from dresses to shorts. [see?!] drool!

So you think I love pink?

Well, I sure do, but i hate it when some girls needless to say what type of girls they are, they make it look oh-so-tacky. Not to mention the "older" women [nothing personal] they just know how to make pink look like it's candy and they have just coated cotton candy allover their bodies. Surely, sometimes I do hate pink.
But most most most of the time? I love pink!
Don't you just feel a little bit happier seeing pink? I do...