Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh so black, and FLAT

Don't think that I am going to blog about Pink-blah-pink-bleh
Nah... I love other colors too. I love variety. And ofcourse nothing can beat the classiness of BLACK. Which is equally classy as the WHITE. But black is still a better choice esp considering the longetivity when it comes to clothes and bags...

Infact right now I want to buy [and i have been itching to] a nice and comfy paif or black ballet flats. Oh! the classic black flats. You can easily pair it with shorts, skirts, couture dresses [tone them down baby] and the slimfit jeans.

I saw some cute ones in topshop. Prolly that's the best out there. And it isn't too expensive. It costs around 60$ Not bad, what do you think?

Although I still have this argument in my head, if I should get a plain - like really really PLAIN black? Or the ones w/ interesting details? Kill me now, I really want one.

Blake in her ultra comfy looking black flats! To die for...

Vogue classy... proves that flats can go from dresses to shorts. [see?!] drool!

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