Friday, January 30, 2009


Here is my "need" list [reiterating the word NEED] because need is not necessarily a want. So it is not luxe.
I need these, so I need to learn to prioritize. I swear I can be very impulsive. Perhaps I will save this in my mobile to take a look once in a while. :-)

1. a perfect skinny dark jeans for my built. i am petite. I need something lowrise and not-so-skinny. I need it dark. Like this dark: [what do you think?]

rachel looks so casual but i love the jeans + white tank
here rachel looks so relaxed w/ her outfit [plus her skinnies rock big time]
*i like rachel's petite bod. i can totally relate

2. I need a perfect gold flats. Studded can be cute. SOmething that i can wear with my shorts outfit or my jeans. Dresses too!

3. A structured shirtdress. Maybe something w/ ruffles or something that has a big structured style on the collar area. Something NOT tight fitting so that I can use my uber cute [but still lacking more varieties] BELTS with it.

4. Red / Hot pink Leather belt [prefer skinny] something croc skin or snake skin will do.

5. a perfect black cardigan

6. A branded black thick waist belt

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